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Lifextreme is an online tourism operator, born in Ericeira, Portugal, specializing in the organization of trips related to outdoor sports activities in Portugal, for all Portuguese and foreigners who want to know the authenticity of this country.

I am Italian, I live in Portugal for many years and since the beginning, I fell in love with this country.

The idea of ​​organizing trips and excursions related to activities such as hiking, mountain biking, surfing, rafting, climbing, yoga, skiing and snowboarding is the result of a personal passion and desire of transmitting that passion and pleasure to the outside world. Having been fortunate enough to meet all the sports professionals on our team over the past years is one of the special experiences that allows me to guarantee an authentic and special experience for our travel participants.

Lifextreme encourages and enhances unique sports travel experiences immersed in the pristine nature of Portugal. This allows us to offer everyone the opportunity to regain balance through movement and the use of your body´s energy, resulting in an opportunity for authentic and genuine change and growth.  This changes how you experience the world and allows you to then share your experience with others.

Lifextreme trips are geared towards an active-minded, sports-loving audience with a desire to escape from the usual standards and with a penchant for adventure.

A price line is chosen that makes Lifextreme experiences accessible to a variety of audiences without neglecting the quality, professionalism and personalization of the service.

The strength of our routes lies in the quality and choice of products offered in Portuguese territory, in their authenticity and genuineness, in the passion for teaching, sports and respect for nature that unites all the professionals of our team which makes all the difference present in each of the structures integrated in the project.

Lifextreme is aimed at children and adults, active families, schools, nature lovers, as well as public and private institutions, tour operators, travel agencies, associations and businesses that need support in organizing outdoor experiences.

On the website, you will find all the travel programs and outdoor experiences ever created and broken down by category or destination.  The dates with the next departure groups you can book without thinking twice as well as all the daily sports and outdoor activities promoted by our qualified instructors.

Plus, we also have the ability to customize each package to fit your needs!

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