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We are a “Clean & Safe” Agency



Immerse to nature and rediscover yourself is our answer to this challenge.

We go through a time in which traveling for many of us seems to be a far away dream and hope. In times where gatherings of people and crowded cities are the last place where we want to be, Lifextreme wants to make this dream a bit more realistic and accessible.

  • The Lifextreme Agency was recognized by Turismo de Portugal with the “Clean & Safe” seal for making all its physical spaces safe, following the rules of the General Health Directorate.
    Prevention and infection control measures are being taken in relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, in order to ensure the safety of customers and employees.
    All employees received specific training, follow the internal protocol and apply the following procedures:
  • Personal protection – using appropriate protective equipment;
  • Hand hygiene – frequent and effective washing is guaranteed and providing antiseptic solutions for customer use, whenever justified;
  • Respiratory etiquette – avoiding the possible spread of contagion;
  • Social conduct – safeguarding the social distance between employees and customers;
  • Daily monitoring for fever assessment – paying attention to any symptoms;
  • Cleaning of surfaces and proper treatment of clothes – reinforcing disinfection measures and their frequency (several times a day), with special focus on surfaces and objects in common use

Lifextreme certifies that all partners involved in the organization follow the safety rules of “CLEAN & SAFE”  brand of Portugues Tourism, or have their own internal cleaning protocol.

The measures will be adapted according to the evolution of the pandemic and possible changes in the legislation and rules defined by the DGS.

In the national territory you can also find the seal “Clean & Safe” in accommodations that meet the requirements defined by Turismo de Portugal, to avoid contamination of spaces and between people.



In addition Lifextreme self-certifies that all guides and instructors involved in sports activities are registered under the “Safe and Clean” brand, or comply with an internal protocol, to regulate the social conduct during activities and the sanitation of the sports material used.





Available in Portuguese and in English, the “Clean and Safe” platform, also allows the assessment by the tourists  of the degree of confidence in the performance of companies and entities with regard to compliance with the requirements of the Seal, in an appeal to responsibility everyone for safer tourism.





In addition Lifextreme wants to make a difference in its sector and provide all customers with travel insurance with new guarantees appropriate to the current moment and thinking about the tranquility of the holidays: the Safe Trip Covid-19.

  • medical helpline;
  • online medical consultation with a doctor, for screening of Covid-19 and other diseases;
  • telephone medical advice;
  • psychological support consultation in case of Covid-19 contamination;
  • cancellation or interruption of travel in Portugal, in case of quarantine or hospitalization by Covid-19;
  • compensation in case of hotel closure and flight cancellation in Portugal in case of covid-19 contamination;
  • compensation for hospitalization in Portugal by Covid-19;
  • payment of rental vehicle allowance in Portugal.
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