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Algarve is the most popular touristic destination in Portugal, with gorgeous cliffs, sandy islands and delicious food. The beautiful golden beaches, with their majestic rocks and the “designed” bays have made it a Top destination among sea lovers, water sports fans and even people who just want a bit of rest in divine landscapes.

It is considered the best weather of the country in this region together with the best beaches. Among the most popular beaches in Algarve are Armação de Pêra, Praia da Rocha, Manta Rota, Meia Praia, Praia Verde, Oura beach and Quarteira.

Orange cliffs, blue sea and endless caves, such as the famous Cave of Benagil, surround the beaches.

Algarve has much more to offer for those who do not like beaches, as water parks, large and small waterfalls, and hiking tours are good alternatives.

If you like party by night there are also dozens of bars waiting for you.

A very good point is the Algarve gastronomy. Here they use the best products of the region, just like what comes from the sea.

There are 200 km of coast that brings to our table varied species as sardines, tuna, linguine, clams and oysters. These ingredients mark the gastronomy of the coast.

The northern Algarve’s vegetation is divided into forests, mountainous lands, bushes and meadows with springs and mountain streams, lakes and waterfalls. Where the contact with nature becomes therapeutic and will make you happier on your vacation.

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