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Ericeira is a charming Portuguese fishing village, set along a coastline of fantastic beaches. Its beaches are considered the best for surfing. Ericeira with seven world-class waves is the 1st World Surfing Reserve in Europe and the 2nd World Surfing Reserve in the world, officially recognized by the North American organization Save the Waves Coalition. A special highlight is Ribeira d'Ilhas beach, where a World Surfing Championship event is held every year.


The beaches have a great value and a natural beauty, where you will find waves suitable for all tastes and technical levels, whether for surf, body board, stand up paddle or other aquatic sports.


It is also a special village for its particularity and uniqueness, being today a perfect fusion of the Portuguese heritage with a modern surfing environment.

A place adored by the Portuguese people, who travel to this village in the summer time for its excellent gastronomy and the beautiful beaches. Starting with the fresh fish and seafood and finishing with the traditional cakes with recipes of more than 100 years!


It is also known for its nights filled with music and dancing in various bars. Locals, better known by Jagozes, are very festive, so if you are a person who likes to party, then you can’t miss the popular parties of their culture, as well as a night in Ouriço, which is the oldest nightclub in the country.


Here you will find excellent conditions to rest in the sun and also have an active holiday full of sports

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