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The Peniche coast belongs to the West region and integrates the city of Peniche but also different villages, beaches and islands that have an unusual beauty.


Peniche is a small fishing village with incredible waves, beaches and islands that have an unusual beauty, and all of them deserve to be seen, whether for water sports, or even just to sunbathe and relax, such as Praia da Cova de Alfarroba , Praia da Gambôa, Praia do Lagido, Praia de Supertubos, Praia da Consolação, and Praia do Molhe Leste.

It has a considerable historical heritage, with many churches and chapels, and the Fort of Peniche is an essential landmark in the history of the city.

Around it the visitor finds emblematic places, such as the seaside resort of Baleal and the imposing Lighthouse of Cabo Carvoeiro.

You can also visit Sportagua (water park), the Peniche fortress, the Peniche Wall and the Furninha Cave.

The Baleal symbol, once an island, is one of the most extraordinary places off the coast of Peniche, where surfers, bodyboarders and windsurfers always have waves to enjoy.

But also with an incredible place not to be missed, the Berlengas Islands.

The archipelago is a nature reserve, with a colony of seagulls and a rich marine life, you can explore the islands on foot or by boat, always having lots of animal company!

You cannot miss the opportunity to eat the famous Caldeirada, one of the most famous dishes in Peniche, its inhabitants have always been dedicated to fishing, so their cuisine is predominantly dominated by fish and seafood dishes.


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