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Sintra is located in Lisbon district, a charming Portuguese city located in the hills of Serra de Sintra, fulfilled of pine trees and also extravagant palaces and ruins from an ancient castle.


Sintra is located in the district of Lisbon, a charming Portuguese city located in the hills of the Serra de Sintra, covered with pine trees, there are extravagant palaces and ruins of an old castle.

Whoever comes to Lisbon has to take a “leap” to Sintra and get to know all the wonders, such as the Pena National Palace, the biggest postcard of Sintra, the National Palace of Sintra, the Palace of Regaleira, the Palace of Monserrate …

A wonderful place to visit is a viewpoint that gives us perspective to the coast of Sintra – Azenhas do Mar.

It has an overwhelming view of the slopes as in Cabo da Roca, with a divine landscape over the Serra de Sintra, and over the coast through the westernmost point of Continental Europe.

Parque da Liberdade or Parque das Merendas are ideal for families to have a picnic.

The extensive and rich gastronomy makes your mouth water, from meat dishes to fine fish, seafood and shellfish dishes.

Here it is possible to eat an appetizing sea bass or sea bream, feast on an octopus, or taste mussels and barnacles.

Not forgetting the famous sweets, such as the pillows and queijadinhas of Sintra, the most famous pastry, the piriquita.

In this region, we can find bars and pubs, for those who like to go out at night, with lively and very welcoming environments.

In addition to the baths and the radiant sun, the beaches still offer excellent conditions for surfing, while the cliffs provide paragliding lovers with excellent jumping ramps.

Sport fishing, surfing and bodyboarding are also some of the most practiced modalities

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