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From €613 / per person
4 nights/5 days


From €290 / per person
2 nights/ 3 days

Living brings us challenges and when these are demanding we create resistance, which makes the process difficult.

For every experience our body and mind react in a certain way. When we experience a bad situation, the body contracts and becomes tense, thoughts speed up.

This entire event prevents us from receiving what happens to us and experiencing it.

It is natural that what causes us pain or discomfort makes us want to avoid living certain moments in our lives. Today we remember that everything that happens to us has a purpose that will influence our human evolution. Behind every event there is a learning curve. However, accepting what happens to us, experiencing it and letting it go makes everything lighter… Pain, sadness, anger, anger or any other feeling needs to be experienced so that the body and mind free them to make room for lightness, love, peace.

This whole process does not have to be done in a solitary way because we are never alone, it is important to keep the faith.

We wish you a day full of love, light and lots of acceptance to live and let go.



The gaya space is a space that provides well-being and tranquility, it leads us to awaken our essence, giving time and space to each person’s feelings!
The Gaya Ericeira Space is a quiet place, surrounded by nature, where animals live and enjoy their freedom. Here, animals are respected as special Beings, they are generators of transformation and emotional support for those who frequent our space.
– Casa da Reception comprises 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen and 1 living room. In this place we receive people who need to rest, find emotional balance with nature and animals.
Within the Gaya Space, all the animals and green spaces are essential for the development of all the work carried out with the people and children who come to us.
Finally, Espaço Gaya is an essential place for the well-being of many families, as it is a great emotional and therapeutic support.

Outside you can relax with nature and animals! Our goal is to take care of you with respect and love.

The green lake

Our structure allows us to observe that in everything there is a duality, there is no right or wrong, everything is the way it has to be.

When we look at the green lake we can visualize our conscious side and below this beautiful green there is another world, our unconscious.

Freud already explained how our unconscious is profound and how it influences our entire consciousness and our daily lives.

That’s how our emotions are, when we experience them fully, deeply, our unconscious and conscious accepts and lets go.

Accepting our more sensitive and fragile side, that everything must be experienced (at a given time) is the greatest learning experience in the realm of spirituality.

Acknowledging this awareness, trusting in the Divine and opening our hearts allows us to live a lighter and more peaceful life.

We wish you a happy weekend 💫

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