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Simon Angerer

Cycling and bike travelling is my life and passion. I travelled south and Eastern Europe, Morocco and wide parts of South America by bike. I guided tours in the Alpes, at Algarve and now in Lisbon. I never owned a car but always had a bike. I like to share this love for biking. It keeps you in sharp, helps you to know your place, is good for the environment. Sometimes is the fastest way and always the best way to reach where ever! I like to share this love for biking. I got a bike-garage you´re free to use, I do tours around Lisbon you’re welcome to join and I got a few bikes to borrow. I write stories, take pictures and collect impressions from my trips and travels. I´m not a racing champion but I ride thousands of kilometers every year. And I ́m not a mechanic but once I fixed a broken wheel with a screwdriver and two rocks. I ́m just a guy who spends all his time next to his bike. Whatever you’re looking for, I can’t promise to help you, but I would love to try.


3SURFERS Surf School is situated right in the centre of the village of Ericeria. Our School is born of a common dream of three friends: to share the knowledge we have acquired from years of practising the art of surfing.

Our main objective is to practice and teach surf in the best ways, so our students can learn to surf, or learn to surf better. Our school is different. Because it is owned and run by local surfers from Ericeira, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the area. We know the best surf spots, and choose the best places to surf, depending upon the weather and surf conditions.

Our goal is to share our knowledge & passion of surfing, so that others can enjoy it as we do. Whether beginners or improvers, we strive to provide an unforgettable, unique experience and window into the great world of surf culture.

Each of our surf instructors is qualified and certified by the Portuguese Federation of Surf. Each holds a “Cédula de Treinador de Desporto”, provided by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth. These professionals work hard to connect the surf culture with nature in order to build a unique and unforgettable experience for all its students.

Also, and in accordance with the law, we have personal accident & civil responsibility insurance.

3SURFERS is situated in the centre of the village of Ericeira, 38 km northwest from the centre of Lisbon, 20 km from Sintra and 9km from Mafra. Located in the Mafra district, this area is also internationally recognized as the “Mecca of Surf” in Portugal & one of the best surf destinations in Europe. Also, Save The Waves has certified Ericeira as the first World Surf Reserve in Europe and the second worldwide.


Was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1964 and has been living in Portugal since 2006. Lia started with professional contemporary dance when she was 20 years old and it was during that phase of her life that she evolved a very deep understanding of her human body as an entry door to her soul. Since that time she has been dedicating herself to healing processes of the human being through the body. She became a Body Worker and Psychotherapist working with many people recover their full potential on a very deep level.


Lia is Yoga Instructor (Vinyasa Flow), trained and well experienced as a Counselor in Inner Child Therapy and Co-Dependency with additional knowledge in Family Constallations (Bert Hellinger), Trauma Healing (specially Somatic Experience by Steven Levin). Lia is specialized in working with people who experienced trauma in early childhood. Her training includes Holístic Massage, Body Work (Body-Mind Centering) and since 2011 Advanced Watsu Practitioner (Shiatsu in Water). Lia Muczenski has been organizing and guiding for many years Yoga retreats, Meditation, Dance and Movement and Detox Retreats for many years in several places in Europe.

Lia speaks German, Portuguese and English.


I’m the guy that will drive you through the coast during the trip.

Born and raised in France in a Portuguese family, I came in Portugal in 2017 after a long travel through Asia.
Beginning 2018, I graduated as a surf instructor for sharing my knowledge and my passion to other people.

This same year, I went in Sri Lanka to teach surfing and meet a new Asian culture that I didn’t know yet. After this trip, I decided to open an hostel in 2019 in Ericeira called Lagun Ericeira.

After 4 years of joy and meeting great people, I wanted to give more options to my clients that became friends. For that reason, WavesFinder came out.

WavesFinder will allow you to surf through the north or south coast whenever you want during your trip that you will choose.

Are you ready for you next adventure guys?

João Magalhães

João is a professional cameraman with a post-graduation on adventure turism and climbing enthusiast for the last 10 years. He has been involved with Ricardo Alves in the development of Sintra’s bouldering scene and lately has been using his knowledge to guide climbers through the Sintra’s hills.

João Macedo

Surf Academy was founded by João Macedo in 2000 at Praia Grande in Sintra, son of Portuguese Parents was born on June 1, 1977 in New Haven, Connecticut in the United States. He began surfing at Praia Grande with 7 years old. A professional surfer since 1993, he competed in national and European circuits, representing the Portuguese national team as a junior in 1994 and 1995. Always maintained his active academic life, in 2002, he completed level 2 of the course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation. His passion for the waves and the sea lead João to be the first European professional surfer to qualify for the Big Wave( World Surf League).Nowadays he is one of the few European surfers in the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) in the competition Big Wave World Tour.He continues his mission to represent Portugal in the big waves, while maintaining his passion for teaching and transmitting fundamental values of respect and harmony with Nature.


The Ericeira Yoga Studio, with 13 years of existence, was the first space in Ericeira totally dedicated to the teachings of Yoga. It is constituted by a team of experienced and certificated teachers, has all the necessary material for the practice, and classes of different yoga styles, to all ages, so that each student can choose the one that best suits their needs.
Ericeira Yoga Studio was created when Joana Cadete moved from the azorean islands to the mainland in 2009, always seeking to create a familiar environment, cozy and adequate to Yoga, close to the Ocean that she loves. She has been surfing for 30 years and teaching Yoga for more than 20.
Joana sees Yoga as a lifestyle, comprehending many different tools, since the more technical as the poses, the breathing, concentration, and relaxation, to the more subtle, like meditation, self-knowledge and the attitudes in daily life that will reflect all that we learn about ourselves and the Universe through the journey of the practice.

Francisco Mendonça

Francisco, he is also one of our most experienced guides and his availability is a plus for the walks in which he participates


We are a group of freelance Ski Instructors, who decided to work with quality, delivering an exclusive service to every customer .

Our adventure began ten years ago, with the mission to create a reality in which every Instructor is fully involved and driven to give his best every day.

A team with the objective of meeting the demands of each customer and making the skiing experience an unforgettable memory.

Private lessons and Mini Groups are the best tools to accomplish our mission and to guarantee that skiing is quickly learned,  while taking into account the specific needs of each person.

Free Soul

The Free Soul ski and snowboard school was born thanks to the union of highly qualified snow professionals from different countries, who share in addition to a great passion for the mountain, a modern and innovative methodology, developed studying the patterns of Spanish, Italian and Austrian skiing and snowboarding techniques. With experience as well as in high sports performance and competition, as in direction and organization of activities and events in the snow, with which you can learn and improve quickly and easily, thus making better use of your experiences in the snow.


Certified Hatha and Vinyāsa Yoga Teacher 200 hours with Yoga Alliance USA and 216 hours Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Teacher with Master Dario Calvaruso Navakaraṇa Method.
I have been a dancer, dance teacher and theater director for 15 years.
I have always been interested in the movement of the body and its infinite possibilities, in fact I have dedicated my life to discovering and enhancing its potential.
Teaching Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa has enlightened my path in yoga, it is a method that transforms the way you practice and teach.
Creating retreats is my favorite thing to do. They are magical and transformative experiences.

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